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5 Ways to Ward off Digital Eye Strain at the Office

Working in an office environment is a breeding ground for digital eye strain. Here are five ways to make your office environment more eye-friendly. 

Office work can be stressful, and digital eye strain is an unwelcome visitor after a long day at the office. Gone are the days of the traditional office job that included typing, making copies and filing. Today, most tasks are performed using a single device. While this may be more efficient, staring at a computer screen all day can be harmful to your vision. However, with creativity and planning, you can create a productive workspace that is gentle on your eyes.

Here are 5 Ways to Avoid Digital Eye Strain at the Office:

1. Follow the 20-20-20 rule. Prolonged exposure to digital screens can cause eye strain and dry eye. Take breaks throughout the day to give your eyes a rest. Remember the 20-20-20 rule: every 20 minutes, look at an object at least 20 feet away for at least 20 seconds.

2. Upgrade your screen. Does your computer screen flicker? Do you find yourself squinting or leaning closer your screen? You may need a new monitor. Take some time to adjust the contrast and brightness on your monitor and increase the font size in your default settings.

3. Reduce glare. Use an anti-glare filter on your computer screen and a blue-light filter on your smartphone and tablet. This will reduce the high wavelength blue light which can contribute to eye fatigue. The color of your office furniture can also make a difference when it comes to glare. Choose darker office furniture that won’t reflect as much light.

4. Adjust your lighting. If you do a lot of reading and writing at work, you may need brighter light. Bright overhead lighting can create glare, so add a desk lamp or floor lamp for more diffuse lighting.

5. Use a humidifier. Studies show extended screen time decreases blink rate and increases dry eye. A humidifier can replenish moisture and comfort level (source: My VMC).

With minor adjustments to your work environment, you can reduce digital eye strain and eye fatigue. This March, during Save Your Vision Month, take some time to discover ways to maintain good vision and prioritize your eye health. Even a slight prescription change can make a difference in eye comfort, so schedule an annual eye exam today.

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